I was born in 1987 in Estonia. As far as I can remember I have been obsessed with knowing and creating things. I used to try to do everything I could get my hands on hopping from one hobby to the next – much to the headache of my parents. I also broke open everything I found – my parents just ended up giving me old things to brake. I would have put them back together if I knew how – I promise!

This ever growing interest has translated itself into several passions that I work on every day. This website is dedicated to displaying them.

Picture of Ivo sitting on a couch


I have been interested in science ever since I was a little boy. I remember getting my first microscope for Christmas when I was 10-11 years old. It was not very good but that was not the main problem. The main problem was that I wasn’t any good. Since then I have delved into science more and more as the years go by. I can now proudly say that for must cases, I can use a microscope.

Today I have a PhD in environmental microbiology from Mälardalen University, Sweden although I did my bachelor and masters degree work in Tartu University. The main focus of my research has always bee environmental technology with a concentration on environmental microbiology. Most of my work has focused specifically on wastewater microbiology.

The fields I am most interested in are microbiology, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, environmental technology, bioremediation, cell biology, astrophysics, relativistic physics, theoretical physics, statistical analysis and medicine in no particular order.

My academic CV can be found here. 


I was always been surrounded by a lot of music as a child as both my parents being quite fond of it. Due to the generational thing, I got to listen to a lot of rock music especially blues and progressive rock. During my teenage years I went through a heavy metal period, quite a serious one at that. You know: “When Losers Say It’s Over With You Know That It’s A Lie. The Gods Made Heavy Metal And It’s Never Gonna Die” – that kind of stuff.

Eventually I grew up and got over it. I still enjoy rock and heavy metal music but nowadays, my taste is much more eclectic. Everything from John Cage to Death Metal is just fine. I like progressive music, jazz, fusion, blues and pop. I think that when one is serious about creating music, having the best possible foundation one can get is a necessity – hence all the different styles.

I started playing guitar more than a decade ago and have been trying to record my ideas and songs at home ever since. As digital recording software and hardware was getting more affordable and easy to use, I jumped on the home-recording bandwagon and am happy I did – I feel it suits my creative side, tinkering at my desk.

More about my music here. 


Photography is a more recent passion for me. In 2012 I bought my first proper camera and while I had been playing around with cameras before, I never really thought too much about what I was doing. Since then I have tried to focus on the final look of my images and have learned as much as possible through theory and practice.

My photography portfolio can be found here.