New song: “How to live”

It has been almost two years since I last posted a full original song on YouTube. While that is kind of sad, it has been an odd time with many changes in my life. Hopefully I will now find the time and interest to concentrate on my music again.

I am really excited about “How to live”. Most of the song came together quite quickly but it took a long time to get it done. I started with a simple riff and built upon that. Before finalizing it, I asked my friend Helene Urva to add her vocals. I am very happy with how it ended up sounding. Hope you will enjoy it too.

The song is also available on soundcloud and bandcamp.

B & P

Usually couples invite a photographer over when they want nice pictures of themselves. The impulse comes from them. For a while now, I have had an idea to find the couples I want to take pictures of myself. find people I think are interesting for whatever reason and ask them if they would like to do a photo session.

The idea is to make it very personal and very “them”. No forced dress up in a suit (that you would never otherwise wear) and hours in a make up chair. Just the couple as they are – as they seem to me.

This is the first set of images I made with this idea in my mind. It was such an effortless process. B and P  were both very cool in front of the camera and we ended up with many great pictures.

Couple in front of a wall

Man standing behind a woman

Woman embracing man from behind
Man shows muscles behind woman

Man and woman looking at each other

Man and woman on couch laughing