News in November

Cover for the "Torm Veeklaasis" single
Cover for the “Torm Veeklaasis” single. Photo by Paul Klõšeiko

So November is turning into a very busy month for several reasons. Firstly, my academic work – much writing still left undone. I have also some side projects that seem to be very interesting. Perhaps more on them in the future.
In addition to actual work – music. After a very long wait (mind you, the recording was done in 2011) I finally mixed a song called “Torm Veeklaasis” (“Storm in the Water Glass”) by Pinokkel. I am quite happy with it, even though it may not be proper studio quality. The song is really good – listen to it here! Also, since it is Movember this month, I plan on releasing at least 3 videos. One will be a song about mental health issues and another where I discuss how important it is for men to consider their mental health as a priority. I will speak out of my own experience so it is a very important video for me to make. Just my little contribution for the men’s health month.

As the first video for this month, I made a few guitar sound patches in Reason 7 and decided to make a tutorial video on that. The last tutorial I made, has been a lot more popular than I had imagined and I am so happy about it. I guess that means there are viewers for this content. Anyway, there are many more videos coming, be on the lookout 🙂

“Warm Day” Reason tutorial

This is the first Reason tutorial I have ever made. I decided that as I learn to use this software and producing in general, I would share my knowledge with others in the community. It may also be a great way to attract listeners to my music as there are more people looking for tutorials on Youtube than there are those, looking for my music.

The whole process is very new to me and doing voice over work for videos while recording them in real time is quite an effort. That’s why you hear so many times when I kind of freeze. Practice makes perfect anyway and I will be happy for your feedback!